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Chronos Intel Media

Et nyt media kunne hackes 29. november 2023. Formentlig spor til hvad Operation Chronos vil gå ud på.

chronos.jpg (3000×2533) (storage.googleapis.com)

Der er 3 passcodes i billedet. De er FR og gav alle: 1331XM, 11PC8, 11R8 og 11X8.



Document: CHRONOS.j7o6kmt5yaoj3k5y

Location: REDACTED Tokyo


Transcript Begins

PxA: Machina was always going to have consequences. We knew that.

PxB: This is beyond anything I anticipated. The XM is behaving as if it's trying to stabilize itself, but can’t.

PxA: What if this isn't a destabilization? What if it’s an opening? 

PxB: An opening? Akira, no. No way. I knoe how you thing. REDACTED. The risks are substantial.

PxA: Your caution is your strength, Devra. It balances me, but right now you need to think of the Portals not just as conduits, but as bridges.

PxB: A dimensional bridge? That much is known, or theorized, I guess, but REDACTED.

PxA: Caution is paramount, I agree. But consider the implications. We've hypothesized about XM’s transdimensional properties. REDACTED.

PxB: Testing is one thing, Akira. You’re talking about... moving an entire living reality into... some new, completely unknown time and place.

PxA: I see a challenge, I rise to it. Machina created these bridges. If we travel to them, we could discover Machina’s source. And you know we need to find that if we REDACTED.

PxB: Akira, this is insane, even for you.

PxA: Belief, Devra. You should try it. Believe in our knowledge. We can engage the Agents for a coordinated effort. This is not just about exploration and experiencing a new reality, it is about understanding how Machina REDACTED.

PxB: This would be a massive undertaking with zero prior knowledge.

PxA: The Agents will help by increasing the intensity of the XM. Overclocking it. Devra, we have the opportunity to do something groundbreaking here.

PxB: More like reality-breaking. Your plans give me so much indigestion, Akira.

PxA: That’s just the ramen. I told you not to add so much togarashi.

Transcript Ends


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