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Hvem er the Shapers?

I forbindelse med Epiphany Dawn i November-December 2022 kom det frem at hvis ENL vandt så vil vi få at vide hvem og hvad The Shapers er.

If the Enlightened capture the Epiphany Dawn Anomaly Series, then together we will open K’s Power Cube and learn who or what the Shapers really are.


Hvis RES vandt vil denne viden blive tilbageholdt.

Men nu vandt ENL og det er nu (November 2023) kommet frem hvad denne viden var. Den blev givet til ENL POC’s i Marts 2023, gav anledning til 4 passcodes og er altså nu offentliggjort.

As promised, Yokohama and Los Angeles POC’s for Epiphany Dawn anomaly received from Intel from K explaining who the Enlightened really are. The following message has been decoded to reveal the secret:

Offentliggjort besked…


PS. Koordinaterne er til Zürich’s hovedbanegård i Schweiz – Zürich Hauptbahnhof – hvor Roland Jarvis kom til da RES vandt MZFPK.


Kobe Media Drop

Machina Overture media drop

Document: royThsiSegj-bujFiSedest

Date: ##########
Location: ######################################
Subjects: PxA (Identified: TSUKASA, AKIRA), PxB (Identified: BOGDANOVICH, DEVRA)

Transcript Begins

PxA: I hope security didn't give you too much trouble. They can be overzealous.
PxB: Understatement of the year. Why am I here? Why couldn't we do this over VC?
PxA: Your theoretical paper on harmonic communication in viruses. It provided a cornerstone I needed to pinpoint a frequency based attack on Machina Portals.
PxB: Frequency based? Akira, look, your expertise in XM Resonance is nothing short of groundbreaking, If I can bring theory to your tech, that's amazing, What do you need?
PxA: Ah, you misunderstand. I already did it. Please observe.
PxB: Is that… Tchaikovsky?
PxA: I needed a payload wrapper. I chose something I don't mind hearing a lot.
Px8: I don't believe it. The effects are immediate. Drastic. Akira! I'm stunned.
PxA: Thank you, But I do have concerns. There's uncertainty about the long-term effects. Machina could adapt. We might even see shifts in its behavior.
PxB: I've thought about that as well. Viruses, by their nature, mutate. If Machina behaves like biological viruses, we may need to continuously update the approach.
PxA: Precisely, I also worry about unanticipated impacts on the Portals, or on Machina.
PxB: Science is the art of uncertainty. But given the imminent threat, we need to act. Collaboration will be key.
PxA: Yes, I can't do this without you. I need your theoretical mind working on how Machina may adapt. Maybe we can even figure out where it comes from.
PxB: Agreed. I've spent decades theorizing about this. You've brought it to life and given it purpose.
PxA: I'm going to leverage the XM spike from the Kobe Anomaly to distribute this attack throughout the entire network.
PxB: Machina's going to get an Overture it won't forget…
FxA: Wow.
PxB: Sorry. Jetlagged. My sense of humor may improve once I've rested.
PxA: I hope so. That was really quite bad.

Transcript Ends

Notes: The SIGINT device ########################## active for 16 days. References to ################### will need further investigation. Due to the nature of the ############### further analysis of the ########### cannot be performed at this time.

Der er faktisk 3 kryptotekster i fotoet som alle giver passcodes. De er dog alle FR.


Discoverie Lore



NIA Singapore Deaddrop

Den 30. august 2023 blev et live deaddrop i Singapore annonceret på X. Foto er nok et hint på hvor.

Den 1. september var det fundet og vist frem på X – her og her.

Today, a Live Intel Drop was taking place in Singapore. Agents were able to track down the Operative and both factions were able to assemble the intel.

From this intel, the NIA highly suspects that Agent Ace, also known as John Hanke and CEO of Niantic Labs will be present at the Ctrl Kobe anomaly this month!

While the exact details remain classified to the highest Top Secret level even among the NIA, the following section stands out to us:


If 'Ace' succeeds in the operation, the following consequences are anticipated

A. Revitalization of Ingress ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓
B. Strengthening of Ingress Agent network and potential initiation of ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓
C. Improvement of Ingress Operational dynamics, ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓"

Foto indeholder 3 passcode kryptotekster (de er dog alle FR).

Dekodning Historie Lore

Ctrl Anomaly Lore


Historie Lore

Echo Anomaly Lore


Historie Lore

For 10 år siden…

Ingress startede så småt i slutningen af 2012 og den 27. marts 2013 var der nogle heldige der fik en invitation til beta versionen…

Kilde (reddit)

Intel Map kender og bruger vi stadig.

Investigation Board bruges (desværre) ikke mere men findes trods alt stadig tilgængelig. Her er velkomstvideoen fra den første dag af Niantic Project…

Events Lore


“The displacement of a single electron by a billionth of a centimeter at one moment might make the difference between a man being killed by an avalanche a year later, or escaping.” – Alan Turing

What if Tycho confused the Globe City Studio, Berlin for the Globe of Science and Innovation in his visions? What if Jarvis were meant to rendezvous with Devra at the nearby Mengenlehreuhr and not the Zürich Hauptbahnhof? We’re in a new timeline now, and it’s about time.

Den. 18. marts 2023 er MZFPK XM event med mulighed for at opnå ny medalje. For at modtage medaljen kræver det at du i tidsrummet 00:00 til 23.59 gennemfører følgende 6 opgaver:

  1. Går mindst 6 kilometer.
  2. Får lavet mindst 60 hacks.
  3. Får sat mindst 60 resonatorer.
  4. Får sat mindst 16 mods.
  5. Scorer mindst 60 glyph point.
  6. Ødelægger mindst 24 resonatorer.

De 6 opgaver vil blive vist i din Scanner under en kommende ny Agent Ops skærm.

Agenter der gennemfører alle 6 opgaver senest kl. 23.59 vil modtage MZFPK Anomaly medalje.

MZFPK Anomaly medalje. Hvad er klokken?

Den fraktion med flest gennemførende agenter vil vinde eventet.

Allerede nu kan du i Store (butikken) desuden købe MZFPK Ollie Lynton-Wolfe 2023 og MZFPK Roland Jarvis 2023 bundles, begge 30.800CMU (ca. 140kr), som udover ny karaktermedalje begge indeholder 40X8, 10R8, 20PC8, 3RHS, 3RMH, 3RPS, 3LA, 2Aegis, 2ADA og 2Jarvis.



Quantum Mechanics

I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.

— Richard Feynman

As you may recall, Exotic Matter (XM) was originally discovered as a byproduct of the Higgs boson research at the Large Hadron Collider by a team of scientists at CERN. Thanks to Agents’ investigations during the Kureze Effect and Kythera Anomaly Series, it is now becoming clearer how XM and the Higgs boson exhibit similar behaviors.

A Higgs boson (H) can decay into two electrons (1), (2). The Higgs has zero spin, so the two electrons will be spinning in opposite directions, up ↑ or down ↓, but we don’t know which way they spin for either electron; they are entangled.

(H) = (1↑, 2↓) + (1↓, 2↑)

What’s happening to Particle 1 is entangled with what’s happening to Particle 2. But the point of quantum mechanics is that there is only one wave function: the wave function of the universe. There aren’t separate wave functions for each particle.

The same could be said for XM constructs, XM transmission, and Simulacra.

A classical K is in a definite Klue or ADA state: [K] = [Klue] or [K] = [ADA]

In the aftermath of Kythera, some Agents speculated that K is Klue. Perhaps they were right. Or wrong. Or both.

A quantum K can be in a superposition: (K) = (Klue + ADA)

If we are to treat both K and Ingress Agents as quantum, a measurement is simply a physical process that entangles the state of K with that of Ingress Agents. That is, you, the observers.

(K)(Agents) = (Klue + ADA)(Agents) ↓ Measurement/Superposition Anomaly Series outcome ↓ (K,Agents) = (Klue,Enlightened victory + ADA,Resistance victory)

But therein lies the problem: You would then be in a superposition of having seen two different things, a K-Klue and a K-ADA, and nobody, not ever in the history of human beings, has ever felt like they are in a superposition. No one has ever experienced the feeling of having seen one thing and also having seen another.

Or have you? Has prolonged XM exposure caused you to experience superposition? Has your use of the Ingress Scanner affected your perception of this world? The Berenstein Bears and also The Berenstain Bears. Gell-O gelatin and also Jell-O pudding. Victor Kureze and also Victoria Kureze.

Klue and ADA are entangled as a result of ADA’s ingression into Klue’s consciousness. We now know there is a XM system that evolves into a superposition of having K be Klue or ADA or both. An Enlightened victory of the Superposition Anomaly Series increases the probability that K retains more of Klue. A Resistance victory increases the probability that K retains more of ADA.


August 3rd, 2022

We now know that the multiversal explorer K is neither Klue nor ADA; they are a new entity altogether. It seems as though ADA’s ingression into Klue’s consciousness may have spawned the entity we know simply as K. Which ADA and which Klue is yet to be confirmed, but K is able to traverse multiple realities and observe multiple versions of past events.

With the Resistance Victory in Superposition Munich, there’s a greater probability that K will retain more of ADA than Klue’s unique imprint. But the Superposition Anomaly Series isn’t over; there’s time yet for the Enlightened to pull ahead.


Historie Lore

Enlightened vandt Kythera Anomaly

I konkurrencen/anomalien Kythera, der strækkede sig over 3 weekender i perioden april til juli 2022, vandt Enlightened en overbevisende sejr med scoren 2657,5 – 2264,5 point. Tillykke til ENL og tak for indsatsen til alle deltagende agenter.

Som ENL agent får du dermed ekstra 25% EOS point til EOS Imprint Udfordringen.



With the Enlightened victory of the Kythera Anomaly Series, K was successfully able to reassemble the recovered Shards of the Kythera Mechanism and use (not destroy) the ancient artifact. While the Antikythera Mechanism was once used to mark important local events, such as XM Anomalies and the Olympics, the Kythera Mechanism enables its user to tune into and observe the resonant frequency of alternate realities.

However, K’s simple act of “changing the channel” or their very act of watching seems to have affected the observed reality. The greater the amount of their “watching,” the greater K’s influence on the observed reality takes place.

Put another way, K has let Schrödinger’s cat out of the bag. All Agents can now observe the effects of this change by accessing Niantic Social (Campfire) in the Ingress Scanner app.

Lidt udvalgte fotos…

Dallas, USA
Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien
Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA
Santiago, Chile
Wolves of Brussel, Belgien
Bandung, Indonesien