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Bounties Program Media

Den 6. februar 2024 droppede der et ny medie BountiesProg ved portal/drone hacks. Det annoncerede en kommende ny feature: Bounties.

Forventningen er at en ny knap vil blive introduceret i Scanner og at denne giver en række opgaver som man skal udføre mod at få ekstra udstyr. Opgaverne vil formentlig ændre sig dagligt.

PS. Der er mindst 3 passcodes i ovenstående. I skrivende stund er i hvert fald 2 af dem FR.

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Cryptic Memories

Niantic annoncerede d. 10. januar 2024 en ny udfordring og anomaly under navnet Cryptic Memories.


En global udfordring hvor agenter skal nedskyde, sætte eller opgradere resonatorer og får point efter dette som følger:

  • Nedskyde en resonator: 1 point
  • Sætte en resonator: 2 point
  • Opgraderer en anden agents’ resonator: 2 point

En fuld portal nedskydning (+8) og fuld portal deploy (+16) giver 24 point.

Udfordringen løber i perioden fra fredag d. 12 januar 2024 kl 18. til mandag d. 5. februar 2024 kl. 18.

Agenter vil løbende tildeles en trin-delt medalje når de opnår følgende point-score:

  • Bronze mindst 1.500 point.
  • Sølv mindst 15.000 points.
Bronze hhv sølv medalje.

Din scanner profil vil vise dine opnåede point under statistikken Cryptic Memories Global Op.

Du kan opnå bronze medaljen ved fx at nedskyde og fuld-deploy på 63 fuld-deployet RES eller MACHINA portaler, eller ved at fuld-deploy på 94 neutrale portaler. Virker overkommeligt.

For sølv medaljen skal du nedskyde og fuld-deploy på 625 fuld-deployet RES eller MACHINA portaler, eller ved at fuld-deploy på 938 neutrale portaler. Det bliver mere en reel udfordring.


Det hold der har flest deltagende agenter, der opnår enten bronze eller sølv i den globale operation, vil ydermere score point til en ny Cryptic Memories Anomaly Series. Serien starter i januar 2024 og slutter i marts 2024. Agenter vil kunne opnå en ny Anomaly medalje


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Operation Chronos

Så er der kommet information om Operation Chronos eventet.

I perioden onsdag d. 6. december, 2023 kl. 01.00 til lørdag d. 6. januar, 2024 kl. 01.00 vil du kunne opnå Bronze eller Sølv Chronos Medalje ved at score Chronos Point.

Hop ind på Operation Chronos eventsiden for flere detaljer om hvordan du opnår Chronos Points.


Dekodning Lore

Chronos Intel Media

Et nyt media kunne hackes 29. november 2023. Formentlig spor til hvad Operation Chronos vil gå ud på.

chronos.jpg (3000×2533) (storage.googleapis.com)

Der er 3 passcodes i billedet. De er FR og gav alle: 1331XM, 11PC8, 11R8 og 11X8.



Document: CHRONOS.j7o6kmt5yaoj3k5y

Location: REDACTED Tokyo


Transcript Begins

PxA: Machina was always going to have consequences. We knew that.

PxB: This is beyond anything I anticipated. The XM is behaving as if it's trying to stabilize itself, but can’t.

PxA: What if this isn't a destabilization? What if it’s an opening? 

PxB: An opening? Akira, no. No way. I knoe how you thing. REDACTED. The risks are substantial.

PxA: Your caution is your strength, Devra. It balances me, but right now you need to think of the Portals not just as conduits, but as bridges.

PxB: A dimensional bridge? That much is known, or theorized, I guess, but REDACTED.

PxA: Caution is paramount, I agree. But consider the implications. We've hypothesized about XM’s transdimensional properties. REDACTED.

PxB: Testing is one thing, Akira. You’re talking about... moving an entire living reality into... some new, completely unknown time and place.

PxA: I see a challenge, I rise to it. Machina created these bridges. If we travel to them, we could discover Machina’s source. And you know we need to find that if we REDACTED.

PxB: Akira, this is insane, even for you.

PxA: Belief, Devra. You should try it. Believe in our knowledge. We can engage the Agents for a coordinated effort. This is not just about exploration and experiencing a new reality, it is about understanding how Machina REDACTED.

PxB: This would be a massive undertaking with zero prior knowledge.

PxA: The Agents will help by increasing the intensity of the XM. Overclocking it. Devra, we have the opportunity to do something groundbreaking here.

PxB: More like reality-breaking. Your plans give me so much indigestion, Akira.

PxA: That’s just the ramen. I told you not to add so much togarashi.

Transcript Ends


Se også Devra & Akira: The Chronos File

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Hvem er the Shapers?

I forbindelse med Epiphany Dawn i November-December 2022 kom det frem at hvis ENL vandt så vil vi få at vide hvem og hvad The Shapers er.

If the Enlightened capture the Epiphany Dawn Anomaly Series, then together we will open K’s Power Cube and learn who or what the Shapers really are.


Hvis RES vandt vil denne viden blive tilbageholdt.

Men nu vandt ENL og det er nu (November 2023) kommet frem hvad denne viden var. Den blev givet til ENL POC’s i Marts 2023, gav anledning til 4 passcodes og er altså nu offentliggjort.

As promised, Yokohama and Los Angeles POC’s for Epiphany Dawn anomaly received from Intel from K explaining who the Enlightened really are. The following message has been decoded to reveal the secret:

Offentliggjort besked…


PS. Koordinaterne er til Zürich’s hovedbanegård i Schweiz – Zürich Hauptbahnhof – hvor Roland Jarvis kom til da RES vandt MZFPK.


Kobe Media Drop

Machina Overture media drop

Document: royThsiSegj-bujFiSedest

Date: ##########
Location: ######################################
Subjects: PxA (Identified: TSUKASA, AKIRA), PxB (Identified: BOGDANOVICH, DEVRA)

Transcript Begins

PxA: I hope security didn't give you too much trouble. They can be overzealous.
PxB: Understatement of the year. Why am I here? Why couldn't we do this over VC?
PxA: Your theoretical paper on harmonic communication in viruses. It provided a cornerstone I needed to pinpoint a frequency based attack on Machina Portals.
PxB: Frequency based? Akira, look, your expertise in XM Resonance is nothing short of groundbreaking, If I can bring theory to your tech, that's amazing, What do you need?
PxA: Ah, you misunderstand. I already did it. Please observe.
PxB: Is that… Tchaikovsky?
PxA: I needed a payload wrapper. I chose something I don't mind hearing a lot.
Px8: I don't believe it. The effects are immediate. Drastic. Akira! I'm stunned.
PxA: Thank you, But I do have concerns. There's uncertainty about the long-term effects. Machina could adapt. We might even see shifts in its behavior.
PxB: I've thought about that as well. Viruses, by their nature, mutate. If Machina behaves like biological viruses, we may need to continuously update the approach.
PxA: Precisely, I also worry about unanticipated impacts on the Portals, or on Machina.
PxB: Science is the art of uncertainty. But given the imminent threat, we need to act. Collaboration will be key.
PxA: Yes, I can't do this without you. I need your theoretical mind working on how Machina may adapt. Maybe we can even figure out where it comes from.
PxB: Agreed. I've spent decades theorizing about this. You've brought it to life and given it purpose.
PxA: I'm going to leverage the XM spike from the Kobe Anomaly to distribute this attack throughout the entire network.
PxB: Machina's going to get an Overture it won't forget…
FxA: Wow.
PxB: Sorry. Jetlagged. My sense of humor may improve once I've rested.
PxA: I hope so. That was really quite bad.

Transcript Ends

Notes: The SIGINT device ########################## active for 16 days. References to ################### will need further investigation. Due to the nature of the ############### further analysis of the ########### cannot be performed at this time.

Der er faktisk 3 kryptotekster i fotoet som alle giver passcodes. De er dog alle FR.


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NIA Singapore Deaddrop

Den 30. august 2023 blev et live deaddrop i Singapore annonceret på X. Foto er nok et hint på hvor.

Den 1. september var det fundet og vist frem på X – her og her.

Today, a Live Intel Drop was taking place in Singapore. Agents were able to track down the Operative and both factions were able to assemble the intel.

From this intel, the NIA highly suspects that Agent Ace, also known as John Hanke and CEO of Niantic Labs will be present at the Ctrl Kobe anomaly this month!

While the exact details remain classified to the highest Top Secret level even among the NIA, the following section stands out to us:


If 'Ace' succeeds in the operation, the following consequences are anticipated

A. Revitalization of Ingress ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓
B. Strengthening of Ingress Agent network and potential initiation of ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓
C. Improvement of Ingress Operational dynamics, ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓"

Foto indeholder 3 passcode kryptotekster (de er dog alle FR).

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