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Q4 2024 Anomaly Valencia, Spanien

2 november @ 14:00 17:00

Ifbm. en endnu unavngiven anomaly serie vil du kunne deltage i XM Anomaly live event i Valencia i Spanien lørdag. 2. november 2024.

🇬🇧 Welcome to Valencia Anomaly November the 2nd!

🏖 Did you know Valencia was chosen as the best city to live in the world in 2024?

🥘 Craving Paella? Look no further than Valencia, the undisputed birthplace of this iconic dish! But Valencia’s culinary scene extends far beyond, we even have Europe’s top-rated burgers! 🍔

🏆 We cannot wait for you to join the Enlightened team and fight for the win! We need boots, runners, bikers, ruckers, and operators, every single agent counts!

🎒 GORUCK events will likely take place (99% sure), so it’s time to train and crush the RES one more time! 💪

📣 Spread the word, come to Valencia!