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Discoverie Anomaly (3/5)

18 november, 2023 @ 14:00 17:00

Deltag i Discoverie Anomaly fase 3 i en af anomaly byerne:

Bangkok, Thailand[P]
Atlanta, GA, USA,
Palermo, Italien


XM Anomaly Discoverie Palermo is waiting for you!

✈️ Flight prices are dropping from nearly everywhere and we’re ready to welcome you in ENL Hotel!
What are you waiting for?

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🔸 ✍️ Signup on, then write to @PalermoAnomalyBOT to join Anomaly chats!

🔸 🛍 Check out the shop! ⚠️ Early bid discount on t-shirts will only last until Aug 31!

🔸 🏩 Book now at the ENL Hotel! More info in the Hype Chat!

🔸 🔸 Download and submit the Hype Banner in your city and try to win load out and characters codes (see the README doc in the folder)!

🔸 🔉Share this post with your friends: the more we are, the more fun we will have!


Verie the Disco Fox 🦊 invites you to the Atlanta Discoverie Anomaly on November 18th!

🏨 There is a fabulous hotel reserved for the Enlightened. Book by Oct. 18th to get our special rate.

®️ Register on Rocks to get the hotel details

🗣 Join the hype chat

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🎒Want to ruck? There are GORUCK Stealth, Urban Ops, and Operation Clear Field. Join hype to get access to a special limited time discount code for Stealth or Urban Ops.

🧭 Get your Mission Day badge tick on Sunday Nov. 19th.

See you in Atlanta! 🪩